A Broadcast Coup


A Broadcast Coup

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Title: A Broadcast Coup
Author: Melanie Tait
Price: $25.95

A Broadcast Coup by Melanie Tait sends ripples through the airwaves and spark heated debate. After the success of her last work, The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race, Melanie uses her personal experience in the Australian media scene to offer a realistic and very familiar look at the #MeToo movement within the Broadcast industry.

Cut-throat journalist Jez Connell is out for her next sting. It’s been a year since she brought down one of TV’s most lauded stars for behaving badly and now she’s got Michael King, the top-rated darling of public radio, in her sights. This time, it’s personal.

With the loyalty of his longstanding producer wavering, and a hip up-and-coming podcaster eager to take the mic off Mike, has the plug been pulled on Michael King’s career?

ISBN: 9780908156092
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