Archimedes War


Archimedes War


Title: Archimedes War
Author: Reeves, Melissa
Price: $24.99

Arki hasn’t been sleeping well. At night, he is haunted by visions of fallen bodies. Arki isn’t a soldier, nor a general, nor a civilian caught in the crossfire. He loves to game. And it’s all just a game, isn’t it?
Aaron hasn’t been sleeping well. Day and night, he is haunted by visions from his recent tour in Afghanistan. But it’s all in the past, isn’t it?
Sayf hasn’t been sleeping well. Someone pilfered the sword from his restaurant, and he’s pretty sure it’s that soldier from the other night. The loud one. The rude one. The one who reminds him of all the other Australian soldiers who stormed his home back in Afghanistan.
When the firing has ended and the game closed, how long will the damage remain? Melissa Reeves‘ Archimedes War presents a dark and comic study of the depersonalisation of modern warfare. After trauma, how do we pause? Resume? Exit?
Winner of the Griffin Award 2016 and Finalist for the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Drama 2022.
‘Beautifully structured, thoughtful, cunning in the way it puts its issues before us.’ — Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers

ISBN: 9781760628130
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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