Battle of Waterloo


Battle of Waterloo

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Title: Battle of Waterloo
Author: Coolwell, Kylie
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The sun sets over Waterloo, lorikeets call out the end of the day and the hum of music, cooking and conversation seep through the walls of the James Cook building. This is Sydney.

Two sisters, Cassie and Sissy, live with their Aunt Mavis in an apartment surrounded by dozens like it. When Cassies boyfriend Ray returns from three years in jail, the familys relationships, their hopes and their failings all come into stark relief. When do you choose to run away? And when do you choose to stand tall for those you love?

Playwright Kylie Coolwell makes an extraordinary debut her vision of Sydney is both boisterous and engaging. With echoes of Tennessee Williams, Battle of Waterloo is by turns hilarious, tender and fierce.

\"Theres a risk in a narrative as superficially soap opera-esque as this of stumbling over numerous clichs, however Coolwells fast paced, blue-tinged dialogue, peppered with colloquialisms, feels effortlessly authentic. These characters are allegories for any number of Aboriginal families in cities across the country, yet Coolwell is able to offer a beautifully nuanced, intimate quality to the interactions of the cast that makes the action feel deeply personal.\"
Lime Light Magazine

\"Her dialogue is direct, funny and hilariously salty.\"
The Sydney Morning Herald

THEMES: Gentrification, Family, Rehabilitation
LENGTH: 2.5 Hours
CAST SIZE: 7 8 Cast Members

Publication date: 01/06/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338409
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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