Beautiful Life


Beautiful Life

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Title: Beautiful Life
Author: Futcher, Michael
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Brisbane 1992: A boy, Amir, sees his parents on the news, under arrest for protesting at the Iranian embassy in Canberra against atrocities in their homeland. Amir forces Hamid and Jhila to tell their story, believing that a hostile Australian public will understand their \"terrorist\" actions when shown the bigger picture of their past.

Revisiting memories of his wrongful imprisonment and torture in a Tehran jail, Hamid confronts an oppressive secret which has blighted his beautiful new life in Australia - a secret which has haunted him and his close friend Kamran for years. As his lengthy trial continues, it is clear he has exchanged one nightmare world for another. Yet even in the face of another jail term, Hamid praises the Australian justice system...

\"A Beautiful Life\" explores the unforgettable histories of refugees. It is a haunting account of prejudice, injustice and brutality, tempered by a celebration of human kindness and indomitable hope.

\"In Futcher and Helen Howard's compassionate script, ordinary people endure extraordinary fates to become moral touchstones, testing Australian justice and public values. It is a vital, Angry and dynamic play.\" - Veronica Kelly, The Australian

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 15/06/2000
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868196053
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