Darwin’s Reptilia


Darwin’s Reptilia


Title: Darwin's Reptilia
Author: Falkner, Charlie
Price: $24.99

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Two Americans and an Irishman walk into a motel. ‘Sorry miss, you seen the news? We’re not taking any guests— there’s a bit of a crisis—’

One sweltering December morning, Renata turns up at the Palms Motel in Darwin, Australia. She’s flown out from New York just in time for her estranged mother’s funeral, partner and baby in tow. Except there is no funeral — her half-sister Flick has already scattered the ashes, and the crocs have already eaten two Swedes (at least). In Charlie Falkner’s absurdist comedy, a motley crew of five find themselves trapped by a once-in-a-lifetime crocodile infestation. With the reptiles closing in and the humans losing grip, who is the real threat here?

ISBN: 9781760629144
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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