Dramawise Reimagined: Learning to Manage the Elements of Drama


Dramawise Reimagined: Learning to Manage the Elements of Drama

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Title: Dramawise Reimagined: Learning to Manage the Elements of Drama
Author: Haseman, Brad & O'Toole, John
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The international best seller is back, bigger and better than ever. This revised edition brings the contents completely up to date with the new Arts Curriculum.
Dramawise Reimagined specifically addresses The Elements of Drama, the first component of essential knowledge for Drama in the Australian Curriculum: The Arts.

Thirty years ago the authors first showed that all dramas are made up of the same elements and set them out in a clear pedagogic order where they could be explored and learned through dramatic action. The new book revisits and expands upon those elements, reframes them for twenty-first century education, and reimagines them for teachers and students

notes for teachers
chapter 1: the human context
The Dramatic SituationWhats Happening, Where and When
RoleWho it is Happening to
Developing a Role
and in plays Two Weeks with the Queen by Mary Morris
and in plays Snagged by Robert Kronk
chapter 2: dramatic tension
Tension of the Task
Tensions of Dilemma
Tensions of Relationships
Tensions of Surprise
Tensions of Mystery
and in plays The Childrens Crusade by Paul Thompson
and in plays Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
chapter 3: focus
Framing the Action
The Drugs in Sport Drama
Choosing the Dramatic Frame
and in plays Hitlers Daughter by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry
Focusing the Dramatic Moment
and in plays Oh, What a Lovely War! by Joan Littlewood
chapter 4: place and space
The Setting
Playing with Place
The Empty Space
and in plays Hitlers Daughter by Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry
chapter 5: time
Time in Art and Time in Drama
The Refugee Family Drama
Playing with Time
Tempo and Timing
and in plays King John by William Shakespeare
chapter 6: narrative
Arc of Narrative
Beginnings and Endings
Thinking like a Story Analyst
Fragmenting Narrative Structure
and in plays As You Like It by William Shakespeare
chapter 7: language
The Language of Drama
Language and Imagery
and in plays Namatjira by Scott Rankin and the Namatjira family
chapter 8: movement
Images in Action
The Death in the Village Drama
Movement and Stillness
Expressive Movement
and in plays The Insect Play by Josef and Karel Capek
chapter 9: mood
Creating Mood
Mood and Tension
Intensifying Mood
and in plays Shotgun by Rock Surfers Theatre Company
chapter 10: symbols
Symbols and Meaning
Gestures as Symbols
Symbolic Objects
Dramatic Symbols
and in plays Motherland by Katherine Lyall-Watson
chapter 11: traditional dramatic meaning
Making the Skeleton Dance
The Leaving School Drama
chapter 12: contemporary dramatic meanings
The Elements of Drama and Contemporary Theatre
Reimagining the Leaving School Drama
Managing the Elements in Contemporary Theatre
chapter 13: playmaking
The Elements of Theatre
Pre-texts and Starting Points
Pathway 1: Devising a Play from Scratch
Pathway 2: Turning a Process Drama into a Play
about the authors

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 17/03/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925005899

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