Emma (from Jane Austen’s novel)


Emma (from Jane Austen’s novel)

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Title: Emma (from Jane Austen's novel)
Author: Asher, Sandra Fenichel
Price: $18.95

Cast: 9m, 12w (7m, 9w with doubling), extras as desired.

\"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.\" Jane Austen never wrote those words, but she proves them conclusively in Emma, her comic masterpiece.

In this lively and faithful adaptation she steps on stage herself to shepherd her delightful characters through the pitfalls and surprises that await them. Emma Woodhouse who is \"handsome, clever, and rich\" attempts to marry off her trusting young friend Harriet to all the wrong people, and she nearly misses out on true love herself. Set in remote Surrey, an English county \"full of beauties,\" and peopled with unforgettable comic characters, Emma stands out as one of the great beauties of the English language. Area staging.

Sandra Fenichel Asher has published 24 books for young readers (as Sandy Asher) and more than two dozen plays, including Across the Plains; Dancing with Strangers; Emma; I Will Sing Life; Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy; Once, in the Time of Trolls; The Wise Men of Chelm and A Woman Called Truth (all Dramatic Publishing) and The Wolf and Its Shadows (Anchorage). Among her many honors are the AATE Distinguished Play Award, the IUPUI/Bonderman Award, an ASSITEJ Outstanding Play for Young Audiences citation, the Joseph Campbell Memorial Award presented by The Open Eye Theater, a National Endowment for the Arts grant in playwriting, AATE's Charlotte Chorpenning Award for a distinguished body of work in children's theater, the New England Theater Conference's Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award and an Aurand Harris Fellowship grant from the Children's Theatre Foundation of America. Writer-in-residence at Drury University in Springfield, Mo., from 1986 to 2003,

Publication date: 01/12/1997
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780871298126
Publishing status: Last copy archived


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