Focus on Drama Book B


Focus on Drama Book B

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Title: Focus on Drama Book B
Author: Swartz, Larry
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Focus on Drama is a two-book series focusing on eight high-interest areas that will help students to develop skills in choral dramatisation, communication skills, group participation, movement, interpretation and much more. This series is jam-packed with brilliant ideas, innovative approaches and highly practical strategies which will also make integrating drama into other Arts areas or English work more manageable.

Focus on Drama Book B
contains units on:

Relationships - using plays
Fairy Tales - using traditional stories
Diversity and Equity - using scripts

Units in both books are stuctured in the following way:
- learning opportunities
- games and exercises related to the unit
- drama activities to stimulate imagination, promote social growth and develop improvisational skills
- a case study of actual classroom implementation
- strategies for extending the ideas into writing, reading, the visual arts
- assessment: observation guides for teachers and students' self-assessment profiles

About the Author...
Larry Swartz is a teacher educator and head of drama education at a city university. He has also worked for the past 25 years as a primary school teacher and drama-in-education consultant. A popular writer and conference speaker his interest range from drama and response, to reading aloud and using children's literature to achieve curriculum objectives. He has also worked with teachers in China to develop language learning materials.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781927172407
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