Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre


Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre


Title: Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre
Author: Graham, Scott
Price: $56.99

'This is a close companion to Frantic Assembly's practice and one that is written with an open and engaging, even disarming, tone ...A rich, rewarding and compelling text.' Stuart Andrews, University of Surrey As Frantic Assembly move into their twentieth year of producing innovative and adventurous theatre, this new edition of their well-loved book demystifies the process of devising theatre in an unusually candid way. Artistic directors Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett offer an intimate and invaluable insight into their evolution and success, in the hope that sharing their experiences of devising theatre will encourage and inspire students and fellow practitioners. The Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre is a uniquely personal account of the history and practice of this remarkable company, and includes: * practical exercises * essays on devising, writing and choreography * suggestions for scene development * a 16-page colour section, and illustrations throughout * a companion website featuring clips of rehearsals and performances.
This is an accessible, educational and indispensable introduction to the working processes of Frantic Assembly, whose playful, intelligent and dynamic productions continue to be acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 15/07/2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781138777019

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