Title: Hibernation
Author: Kruckemeyer, Finegan
Price: $23.99

The icebergs are melting. The animals are dying. The planet is buckling under the weight of our neglect, our greed. We dream of a sustainable future but could we dream ourselves into one?
In Hibernation, one simple idea is turned into a global movement: what if we could somehow turn back the clock? What if everyone on earth went to sleep for a year and let nature take back control? This startling premise sets the stage for Finegan Kruckemeyer‘s bold and brilliant adventure through an imagined future that feels barely heartbeats away from the present.
A globally sanctioned shutdown—in an idea conceived long before the pandemic—sees citizens of every nation fill their lungs with chemically altered air … and wait. What happens next is moving, terrifying and totally transformative.
This epic and intimate portrayal of the personal impact of environmental crisis is at its core a story of lives lived, loved and squandered, of good acts and bad, and of redemption.
We’ve made our beds. Now we must sleep in them.

ISBN: 9781760627560
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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