Moliere – A Theatrical Life


Moliere – A Theatrical Life

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Title: Moliere - A Theatrical Life
Author: Scott, Virginia
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In this biography, first published in 2000, Virginia Scott locates Moliere's life and work in the social, literary and theatrical contexts of the period. She offers a narrative account of his life and an overview of his plays in the wider setting of the development of seventeenth-century French drama.

Her research extends from Moliere's boyhood and his Jesuit education at the College de Clermont, through the beginning of his theatrical career in Paris and as a vagabond actor in the provinces, to his days as a court dramatist under Louis XIV. He was a controversial playwright, striking out against hypocrisy in religion and medicine, and finally a cynical survivor of the literary, cultural, and marital wars. This full-length biography will appeal to the general reader as well as specialists in French and Theatre Studies.

' ... arrestingly illuminates the complex world of the theatre and court, both in Paris and elsewhere, that finally constitutes almost all that can really be known of Moliere's life.' The Economist 'As the first substantive English-language biography of Moliere since 1930, this is a happy arrival for students of the theater and of French literature and culture ...'. Publishers Weekly

1. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin;
2. Madeleine;
3. The Illustre Theatre;
4. Exile;
5. Return to Paris;
6. Husbands and Wives;
7. The Courtier;
8. Enemies;
9. Friends;
10. Marriage (and Love);
11. Last Act;
12. Envoi;
Works consulted.

Virginia Scott is Professor of Theater at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is the author of The Commedia dell'Arte in Paris (1990), winner of the George Freedley Award for best book in theatre studies, 1991.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 16/05/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521012386
Publishing status: Last copy available


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