Running on Rainbows Art Teaching Program


Running on Rainbows Art Teaching Program

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Title: Running on Rainbows Art Teaching Program
Author: Allen, Wendy
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This book is a complete art teaching program aimed at all ages. It is structured for both theory and activity. A Teachers Guide is also included in the program.

It is a must for any art teacher.

* Self-instructive
* Clearly compatible with and supportive of curricula already in place
* Addresses all age/grade levels
* Grounded upon well-accepted instructional theories and practices
* Recognizes the fact that the majority of art and classroom teachers need \"nitty-gritty\" help
* Gives particular attention to the developmental appropriateness of the instructional guidance it offers
* Highly flexible, offering help for multi-grade levels
* Covers content related to both classic and unique art activities and processes, conceptual concerns in history and aesthetics, and multicultural art forms and ideas.

Running on Rainbows comprises a 64-page teacher's guide, a 296-page teaching program guide, and 33 level-specific student books -- for 5-8, 8-10 and over 10-year-old students.

ISBN: 9780731665532
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