Something Big Has Been Here


Something Big Has Been Here


Title: Something Big Has Been Here
Author: Prelutsky, Jack
Price: $17.95

Something big is right here! It is this book of wonderful, funny new poems by Jack Prelutsky. If you've read \"The New Kid on the Block, \" you have some idea of the treat ahead. And if you haven't, all you have to do is start reading!

Review - \"Undeniably a winner with children.\"-- ALA \"Booklist \"
\"Prelutsky's new collection of over 100 funny poems will convert to poetry lovers many elementary readers, who will laugh knowingly at his outrageous exaggerations\" -- \"School Library Journal\"
\"His rhymes are infectious, his verses ineradicable.\" --\" Kirkus Reviews\"
\"An unerring choice of subjects close to the hearts of children, a precise selection of the perfect word, and a ready humor are indisputably at his command.\"-- \"The Horn Book\"

Publication date: 23/02/2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780061857751
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN


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