Sound, Lighting and Video (A Resource for Worship)


Sound, Lighting and Video (A Resource for Worship)

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Title: Sound, Lighting and Video (A Resource for Worship)
Author: Herring, Brad
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Hallelujah! Finally the book you've been waiting for! Sound, Lighting & Video: A Resource for Worship is the only book that tackles the integration and use of light, sound and video for houses or worship. Connect with more people in ways you never thought possible. Written by the managing editor of \"Worship Arts & Technology Magazine\" you'll learn how to:

* Integrate sound, lighting and video together from the ground up for easy application
* Connect with more people in ways you've never imagined
* Re-examine and re-incorporate your current media systems
* Be up and running like the pros with this beginner-friendly guide
* Solve your greatest technical problems efficiently, without the information overload
* Better communicate your message using media solutions

Brad Herring is the managing editor of Worship Arts & Technology Magazine, is on the Editorial Advisory Team at Technologies for Worship Magazine (TFWM) and has owned an audio contracting company for ten years and has traveled the country designing and installing sound systems for churches and theatres, all the while teaching church leaders how to use them. He has worked professionally as a sound designer, lighting designer, stage manager and producer, and has taught at such national conferences as NAB, LDI and InfoCOM. In 2000, God moved him to begin Church Production Resources - a ministry based business that creates media resources for churches, centered on individual training, DVD training products and creating multimedia worship aides for ministry.

\"Finally! Thank you, Brad Herring and Focal Press, for bringing us a terrific overview of Technical Production for Houses of Worship. Your experience, skill, and artistry are evident throughout. I especially appreciate your attitude of humility and step-by-step suggestions for dealing with 'choir complaints.' This immediately is required reading for my production volunteers.\" - John Weygandt, Scenic and Lighting Designer, Willow Creek Community Church

\"\"I really like Brad's heart for the local church. I think he approaches the subject in a genuine and honest manner that is encouraging.\" - Mike Sessler, ChurchTech Arts

\"I'm very excited about having this book available for my church, and for churches where I assist in ministry.\" - David Scott, Worship Leader and Associate director of Georgia Festival Chorus

\"I like the conversational, friendly tone. It makes the material seem accessible to the reader. It's as if the author is seated next to the reader at the mixing console and is pointing out things to watch for.\" - Bruce Bartlett, audio engineer and author of Practical Recording Techniques

\"What a great book! Brad has taken his years of audio/ visual training and personal experience and produced an excellent resource for every Worship Leader and every Audio Visual Tech. From the most basic sound, lighting and video systems to fairly complex systems, Brad has put together an encyclopedia of knowledge that builds on the basics to provide an easy transition to larger and more sophisticated systems. Not only does he address the 'how to,' but the 'why we should and why we should not's' associated with this important area of our ministry. Brad has a heart for excellence in Worship that resounds throughout the book. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, I heartily recommend this book to you. I believe that you, like I, will count it one of your most valuable tools in ministry.\" - Dennis J. Brown, Associate Pastor Worship Arts, First Baptist Church


1. Anatomy of a Sound System
2. Connections in a Sound System
3. More on Microphones
4. Gain Structure
5. Equalization
6. Electronic Processing
7. Stage Monitors & In-Ear Monitors
8. Making the Move to Digital
9. Conclusion of Sound Section

10. Anatomy of a Lighting System
11. Color Mixing Theory
12. Connections of a Lighting System
13. Controllers and Protocols
14. Close up on Dimmers
15. An Overview of Moving Lights
16. Beyond Illumination - Using Lighting For Design
17. Architectural Lighting & Integration with Stage Lighting
18. Conclusion of Lighting Section

19. Anatomy of a Video System
20. Lumens, Brightness and Contrast - What Does it all Mean?
21. Hi-Definition vs. Standard Definition
22. Front Projections vs. Rear Projection
23. A Closer Look at the Video Screen
24. Cameras and Tripods
25. Worship Presentation Software
26. Conclusion of Lighting Section


1. Working with Contractors and Having a Christian Witness
2. Building Teams and Finding Volunteers
3. Checklists and Procedures
4. The Art of Troubleshooting - Thinking Logically and Linearly

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 01/07/2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780240811086
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN

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