The Heartbreak Choir


The Heartbreak Choir

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Title: The Heartbreak Choir
Author: Fennessy, Aidan
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From the revered playwright behind one of Melbourne Theatre Company’s most beloved recent hits, The Architect, comes this funny and uplifting celebration of music, friendship and community. The Heartbreak Choir is a warm-hearted hug of a play that will make you want to sing out loud.
In the old CFA hall on the outskirts of town, a small group of locals come together to sing, and to connect. Aseni, Barbara, Mack, Savannah and Totty have splintered from their original choir on a matter of principle and are intent on forging their own path. With their latest recruit Peter along for the ride, they have a new name, a space to rehearse in and a public debut booked. All they need now is to right the wrongs of the past … and to find a song that pairs perfectly with the local winery’s Sangiovese.
Brought to the stage by The Architect director Peter Houghton, The Heartbreak Choir is a joyful, song-filled snapshot of a devastated community learning how to heal. This emotionally resonant MTC NEXT STAGE commission is the last work from playwright Aidan Fennessy—a fitting final act of togetherness.

ISBN: 9781760627768
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