Toxic + Chutney


Toxic + Chutney

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Title: Toxic + Chutney
Author: Lynch, Maryanne
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By Maryanne Lynch

Cast: 4F (can have a cast of up to 10 + chorus)
Character Ages: 1317
Length: 45 minutes approximately
Target Audience: Middle Years / Senior Years
Style: Drama / Education
Themes: Consumerism, youth, waste, emotion

\"... a deeply emotional journey..\" RealTime

Meet Nancy Vandal, a girl of one thousand faces who is looking for love and kleenex cleanliness in the supermarket of desire. Combining spoken word, movement, projection and soundscape, Toxic is a 45 minute AWGIE Award-Winning performance about young people and consumption. Get your teeth into it!

Toxic is the outcome of a commission by the multi-art-form performance company Backbone Youth Arts in 1997.

Maryanne Lynch works across art forms as a writer, director and dramaturge, and has won several awards for her work. Recent productions include the multi-disciplinary performance work Game Girl (2004, Arena Theatre Company), and the one-woman theatre work My Of-Course Life (2004/5, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and JUTE).

by Steven Gration

Cast: 2M 2F
Character Ages: 2050
Length: 1hr approximately
Target Audience: Middle Years / Senior Years
Style: Drama / Education
Themes: Cultures, family, responsibilities, stereotypes, relationships

... charming and memorable ...
The Adelaide Advertiser

Chutney is sweet, bitter, spicy, and special. A relationship of flavours, not unlike the unions humankind share.

Journey to the mythical South-Eastern land of Loomagado, where the relationship between a father and daughter is complex and strained. Living in a foreign place with an unknown culture has begun to take its toll, and parent-sibling rivalry is at its peak.

Using puppetry, music, dance, and drama, Chutney takes us on an allegorical exploration of relationship between father and daughter, and between Australia and our near-Northern neighbours.

Chutney is influenced by Kabuki, Balinese dance, mime, and other Eastern music and movement techniques.

First produced by Magpie Theatre, Adelaide in 1992, Chutney has also been performed outdoors in Central Australia and Aboriginal communities, as well as major theatre venues in Japan, Singapore, Queensland, and South Australia.

Steven Gration is a professional actor, teacher, writer, director, and puppeteer. Steve has taught drama, acting, and media studies in post-primary and tertiary institutions across Australia. He was the Artistic Director of Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre, Darwin and Magpie Theatre at the State Theatre of South Australia.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780908156641
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