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Title: Village
Author: La Boite Theatre Company and MDA
Price: $25.95

THEMES: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Immigration
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours

A collaboration between La Boite Theatre Company and MDA - featuring stories from Cieavash Arean, Arwin, Silva A Sal, Muhammad Akram, Ngoc Phan, Lili Sanchez and Joyce Taylor

Experience the compelling real stories of ordinary people who have found themselves in extraordinary situations.

Created from verbatim accounts from refugees and people seeking asylum. The Village showcases the cultural diversity of Australia and honours the courage, strength and determination of the women, men and children who have made Australia their new home.

The Village was originally produced by La Boite Theatre Company and MDA and premiered at La Boite Theatre Company on 15 May 2017.

Publication date: 01/10/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338805
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