You Don’t Have To Be Jewish


You Don’t Have To Be Jewish


Title: You Don’t Have To Be Jewish
Author: Bob Booker
Price: $25.00

First released as an album in 1964, the best sketches and songs from You Don’t Have To Be Jewish and follow-up recordings are now available for the first time as published playscripts. Fifty quick-fire sketches including the classics ‘The Reading of the will’, “The Diamond’ and ‘The Ballad of Irving’. Bob Booker’s comedy draws on the traditions of Jewish vaudeville, The Yiddish theatre, the Borscht Belt and the shtetls of Eastern Europe.

What fans of the album have said:

“Ï’ve been laughing at these jokes for 55 years.” “As astonishing funny collection that will make you wish you’ve been circumcised.”

“No matter who hears it, Jewish and not Jewish, they roar with laughter.” “Allow yourself to float in its warmth and love.”

ISBN: 9780994347374
Publishing status: AU In Distributor In BN


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