An Actor’s Work


An Actor’s Work

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Title: An Actor's Work
Author: Stanislavski, Konstantin
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Stanislavskia's a systema (TM) has dominated actor-training in the West since his writings were first translated into English in the 1920s and 30s. His systematic attempt to outline a psycho-physical technique for acting single-handedly revolutionized standards of acting in the theatre.

Until now, readers and students have had to contend with inaccurate, misleading and difficult-to-read English-language versions. Some of the mistranslations have resulted in profound distortions in the way his system has been interpreted and taught.

At last, Jean Benedetti has succeeded in translating Stanislavskia (TM) huge manual into a lively, fascinating and accurate text in English. He has remained faithful to the author's original intentions, putting the two books previously known as An Actor Prepares and Building A Character back together into one volume, and in a colloquial and readable style for today's actors.

The result is a major contribution to the theatre, and a service to one of the great innovators of the twentieth century.

Introduction Declan Donnelan
Translator's Foreword Jean Benedetti
Preface Konstantin Stanislavski Year One
1. Amateurism
2. The stage as art and stock-in-trade
3. Action
4. Imagination
5. Concentration
6. Muscular release
7. Bits and tasks
8. Belief and the sense of truth
9. Emotion memory
10. Contact and communication
11. Adaptation
12. Psychological drives
13. Psychological drives in action
14. The Actor's creative state
15. The Supertask, through-action
16. The subconscious and the Actor Year Two
17. Transition to physical embodiment
18. Physical education
19. Voice and speech
20. Perspective
21. Tempo-rhyth
22. Logic
23. Physical characteristics
24. Finishing touches
25. Charisma
26. Ethics and discipline
27. External creative state
28. General creative state
29. The system
Glossary of Key Terms
Afterword Anatolij Smelianski

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 21/09/2009
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780415422239
Publishing status: AU In Distributor In BN


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