Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery (script and CD)


Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery (script and CD)

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Title: Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery (script and CD)
Author: Warwick, Valerie
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Remember the 'magic' of a childhood Christmas? How the excitement and anticipation grew as the tree and decorations were put up? Valerie Warwick has captured the essence of a happy childhood Christmas in this delightful musical. The parade of the Tin Soldiers, the Wood Nymphs ballet, the comical Pixies, the majestic Princess of Wonderland and all her Fairies, Witches and Magical Folk from Toyland; all will linger in the memory long after the curtain comes to a close.

This delightful musical, which runs for approximately an hour an a half with interval, is suitable for children of varying talents and ages, allowing for a cast of 40-70-100 plus. Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery, with Gavin Hawley's magical music, provides an exciting, humorous, colourful and nostalgic production that will absolutely delight both young and old. Re-live the magic! Relive the Magic? Look no further for your end-of-year production!

Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery inlcudes script lyrics & accompanying music, stage diagram & prop list. CD includes music & sound effects for the entire production.

Flickering lanterns and Carol Singers set the mood with the opening number 'Ring the Bells'.

It is Christmas Eve, Katie and Tim (aged approximately 10 and 12) stand admiring their tree. Tim asks his Mother if she believes in magic, to which she adamantly replies \"No dear, I dont\". But - when they all go off to bed..

The Old Nursery takes on a magical glow as one by one the toys come alive. Teddy Bear, Jack-In-The-Box, Tooth Fairy and Rag Doll have invited some very special guests and so the party begins.

They witness the Fairies from the bottom of the garden dancing with their colourful, flowing ribbon wands. They welcome the Toy Maker and his stiff limbed Dolls who come to life with the turn of a key. They laugh at the endless jokes provided by the mischievous Pixies and share the Majorettes pride as she presents a military display by her gallant Tin Soldiers. They are mesmerised by the music of the Wood Nymphs enchanting ballet, when..

The sudden arrival of the Wicked Witch, Trainee Witch and Puss Cat threatens the festivities of the night, until the Princess of Wonderland convinces them that a good life will bring them more happiness. When Santa Claus hears the Witches have changed their evil ways, he arrives to share in the celebrations. With the realisation that the merrymaking has taken them well past midnight, the Princess of Wonderland uses her magic powers to whisk them all back to Toyland, but.. in their hasty retreat, several articles are left behind.

Christmas morning Tim, Katie and Mum enter the Old Nursery and are surprised and curious at finding these articles. But when Dad takes Mum aside and makes her close her eyes and use her imagination - she suddenly becomes aware that there is such a thing as magic!

As she opens her eyes she experiences the wondrous parade as the Folk from Toyland return to the Old Nursery for the Grand Finale.

Format: Mixed
ISBN: 9780957980082
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