Drama and Traditional Story for the Early Years


Drama and Traditional Story for the Early Years


Title: Drama and Traditional Story for the Early Years
Author: Toye, Nigel and Prendiville, Francis
Price: $72.99

Description: This is a book that looks at how drama has its basis in good early years practice. Most early years practitioners are doing some drama and are edging towards more structured work - this text will help them go further by building their own skills. Using tried and tested example dramas based on traditional stories, the authors show how clearly dramas are constructed. They move from the simple use of TiR (Teacher in Role) to more complex, full dramas, using traditional stories including Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Humpty Dumpty, The Pied Piper, The Billy Goats Gruff and Hansel and Gretel. Drama in the early years covers a number of key areas where drama is of particular importance for this age group, including: drama in the National Curriculum, how drama can help your teaching of Literacy Hour, personal and social education and citizenship, drama and special needs, assessment, recording and progression, and developing a school policy for drama.

Contents: Acknowledgements. Foreword. Introduction. Section One: Thinking about Drama 1. Ideas 1 - Why Use Drama? 2. Ideas 2 - How Does Drama Work? 3. Ideas 3 - Drama and the Literacy Hour 4. Ideas 4 - Teacher in Role 5. Ideas 5 - Moving Children into Role - The Mantle of the Expert 6. Ideas 6 - Story and Drama for the Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Curriculum (SMSC) - including Citizenship 7. Ideas 7 - Drama and Language Development 8. Ideas 8 - Using Drama in the Nursery and Reception Classes 9. Ideas 9 - Drama and Special Needs 10. Ideas 10 - Planning and Structuring for Drama 11. Ideas 11 - Developing Your Drama from Story Starters 12. Ideas 12 - Assessment, Recording and Progression. Section Two: The Dramas Introduction to the Example Dramas. The 'Mantle of the Expert' Dramas. Seven More Dramas. Appendix.

Publication date: 24/02/2000
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415195362
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand


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