I Was a Teenage Jekyll and Hyde (libretto)


I Was a Teenage Jekyll and Hyde (libretto)

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Title: I Was a Teenage Jekyll and Hyde (libretto)
Author: Lewton, Randall
Price: $24.95

11 main speaking parts, large supporting cast. Various simple interior and exterior settings.

Eustace Crucible, crazed chemistry teacher, has found a formula to enhance his appearance and intelligence. But courage fails him and he persuades downtrodden Sylvester Jekyll to drink the potion, transforming him into Hyde, a super-cool, handsome, laid-back youth. Between momentary flashbacks to his real self Hyde learns of people's true feelings for Sylvester and in the end decides to "be himself".

Vocal score available separately on sale.

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573180095
Publishing status: OS Archived


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