Makers of Modern Theatre


Makers of Modern Theatre

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Title: Makers of Modern Theatre
Author: Leach, Robert
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Who were the giants of the twentieth-century stage, and exactly how did they influence modern theatre? The key theatre-makers who shaped the drama of the last century are Konstantin Stanislavsky, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Bertolt Brecht and Antonin Artaud. Robert Leach's Makers of Modern Theatre is the first detailed introduction to the work of these practitioners. In it, Leach focuses on the major issues which relate to their dominance of theatre history: What was significant in their life and times? What is their main legacy? What were their dramatic philosophies and practices? How have their ideas been adapted since their deaths? What are the current critical perspectives on their work? Never before has so much essential information on the making of twentieth-century theatre been compiled in one brilliantly concise, beautifully illustrated book. This is a genuinely insightful volume by one of the foremost theatre historians of our age.

Publication date: 17/06/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415312417
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