Pineapple War


Pineapple War

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Title: Pineapple War
Author: Philpott, Lachlan
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Its 2022 and Queensland is now part of China to resolve a civil war. The rest of Australia has become Nation One, with a conservative government and a return to traditional values. The regime's hopes and dreams are pinned on the next generation and the school formal is a chance for them to celebrate their achievements and history.

After the difficult exams and aptitude tests, the formal is the last night of freedom before these young citizens step up to serve their government. But this formal will end more than their time at school and it will change their future forever.

The Pineapple War was created in consultation with Jane Simmons and the young actors from the NSW Public Schools State Drama Company. It was first produced by the NSW Department of Education, NIDA and The Arts Units NSW Public Schools Drama Ensemble Program at NIDA Studio Theatre June 15, 2017.

THEMES: Oppression, Revolution, Influence

LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
CAST SIZE: Large Cast Without Doubling

Publication date: 15/06/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338515
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