Plays for Children (Vol 1)


Plays for Children (Vol 1)

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Title: Plays for Children (Vol 1)
Author: Marvin, Blanche
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Collection / Anthology
Cast: 15m or f

Blanche Marvin is a writer, director, producer, agent in theatre, films and television now living in London. She performed as an actress and dancer and was artistic director of the Cricket Theatre, New York City's seventh off-Broadway theatre where she initiated her famous Merri-Mimes theatre for children in the 1950's - 60's, as part of the theatre's operation. It was the first and only permanent children's theatre in NYC, where stylised fairy tales were created and all the awards possible to win were won including, for perpetuity, the Hall of Fame.

Contents Include:
* Birthday of the Infanta
* Firebird
* The Legend of Scarface and Bluewater
* Pied Piper

Publisher: Samuel French Inc (NY US)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573699665
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