Spontaneous Human Combustion


Spontaneous Human Combustion


Title: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Author: Evans, Daniel
Price: $24.95

School Captain Astrid Pollard is on fire. Ever since she was assigned that oral presentation on Joan of Arc life has sort of, well, spontaneously combusted. People are looking at her funny. The frogs in Biology are singing to her.

Help comes in the form of school pariah Hadley who convinces Astrid that this might be some kind of divine calling or a mission just like Joans. But something darker is swirling beneath the mysterious vigil, beneath the oral presentation, beneath the playground and it explains the radical cracks in Astrids strangely magical universe.

Originally commissioned and produced by Brisbane Girls Grammar School in 2017.

Includes Educational Resources

Includes a link to external digital educational notes compiled and used by Brisbane Girls Grammar in the creation of this production.

THEMES: Trauma, Defiance, Grief.

CAST SIZE: Large Cast Without Doubling
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours

Publication date: 01/06/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338492
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock


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