Star Gazing – Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship

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Star Gazing – Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship

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Title: Star Gazing - Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship
Author: Stacey, Jackie
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Star Gazing puts female spectators back into theories of spectatorship. Combining film theory with a rich body of ethnographic research, Jackie Stacey investigates the place of movie stars - Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day, Deanna Durbin - in women's memories of wartime and postwar Britain, when cinema-going was at an all-time high. Demonstrating the importance of cultural and national location, Stacey focuses on three key processes of spectatorship - escapism, identification and consumption. Her study challenges the universalism of the psychoanalytic approach which has dominated the feminist agenda within film studies for two decades, and gives a new direction to questions of popular culture, female pleasure and female desire.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 16/12/1993
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415091794
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