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Title: Amigos
Author: Williamson, David
Price: $23.99

In a moment of glory at the 1968 Olympics, an Australian rowing team known as 'The Four Amigos' won bronze. It was lifetime bonding material.

Or so it seemed. Thirty-five years later only two of the Amigos keep in touch. Jim is a wealthy banker with a young, beautiful wife and seems to have it all. His friend Dick, a heart surgeon, has something that Jim covets: a sterling reputation. When the two mates meet up in Port Douglas with their wives, they have competing personal agendas. Then Steven, a third Amigo, turns up, ready to expose the past.

A savagely funny play that hinges on the subtle aggression and unacknowledged dependencies of male friendship - and the angst and irritation created for those on the sidelines.

3m 2f

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/06/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868197463
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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