Anarchic Dance


Anarchic Dance

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Title: Anarchic Dance
Author: Aggiss, Liz. Cowie, Billy
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\"This beautiful DVD illuminates the accompanying text as well as functioning seperately as an excellent document of the work of Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie\" - Lea Anderson

Available in one package for the first time, \"Anarchic Dance\", comprising of a book and DVD-Rom, is a visual and textual record of the work of Divas Dance Theatre. The DVD-Rom features extracts from Aggiss and Cowie's work, including the highly-acclaimed dance film \"Motion Control\" (first premiered on BBC2 in 2002), rare video footage of their punk-comic live performances as \"The Wild Wigglers\" and reconstructions of Aggiss' solo performance in \"Grotesque Dancer\".

These films are cross-referenced in the book, allowing readers to match performance and commentary as Aggiss and Cowie invite a broad range of writers to examine their live performance and dance screen practice through analysis, theory, discussion and personal response. As much as their practice is hybrid, maverick and hard to define, the various theories presented are equally challenging, lively and fresh.

Extensively illustrated with black and white, and colour photographs, this beautiful multi-media package is a celebration of Divas' boundary-shattering performance work. \"Anarchic Dance\" provides a comprehensive investigation into Cowie and Aggissa - collaborative partnership and demonstrates a range of exciting approaches through which dance performance can be engaged critically.

- Donald Hutera

Notes on contributors


1. Introduction: Navigating the known
- Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie

2. The aesthetics of smash and grab
- Carol Brown \"

3. Writing dance
- Deborah Levy

4. Liz Aggiss and 'Authentick' grotesque expressionism
- Marion Kant

5. Choreographic vocabulary 1: Visual metaphor
- Billy Cowie

6. Outsider Performance: A raw vision: Dance and learning difficulties
- Liz Aggiss

7. Deconstruction in \"Die Orchidee\": Mischievous plays in the spaces between language and meanings
- Valerie A Briginshaw

8. Hilde Holger, spirit and maracas
- Claudia Kappenberg and Liz Aggiss

9. Choreographic vocabulary 2: Time and rhythm
- Billy Cowie

10. The impossibility of the review in the mind of the critic
- Ian Bramley

11. Deconstructing Heidi
- Sondra Fraleigh

12. Choreographic vocabulary 3: Space
- Billy Cowie

13. Screen Divas: A filmic expression of the grotesque aesthetic
- Sherril Dodds

14. Reconstruction: Or why you can never step into the same river twice
- Liz Aggiss

15. Anarchic dance
- Billy Cowie

- Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie

List of Works



Liz Agriss is a dancer, performer, choreographer and filmmaker. She is currently Professor of Visual Performance at the University of Brighton.

Billy Cowie is a choreographer, composer and filmmaker. He is currently a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 31/01/2006
Format: Mixed
ISBN: 9780415365178
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