Dazzle – a Musical Space-tacular! (Libretto)


Dazzle – a Musical Space-tacular! (Libretto)

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Title: Dazzle - a Musical Space-tacular! (Libretto)
Author: Gardiner, John
Price: $24.95

M5 F4. Chorus. 12 named parts plus extras and chorus. Simple settings. Musical for children and young people - Full Length.

With brilliantly funny parodies of Star Trek, Dazzle charts a voyage of the starship Sunburster One on its highly important first mission under the control of dashingly handsome (and doesn't he know it!) Captain Sam Galactic. Ordered by the President of Homeworld to transport his daughter Dazzle Star, to her finishing school, Captain Sam and his gallant crew are just tucking into a Chinese takeway, space style, when they learn that Dazzle Star has been kidnapped by Slimebag the Haemorrhage, an Irish astral pirate! At the end of Act One we are left wondering why Dazzle has been kidnapped; is Big Olga really Sam Galactic's stepmother?; and who is Slimebag? We find the answers to these question, and more, in Act Two which includes a space warp back to nineteen sixty to encounter Sue Zuki and the Greasers. Another super sizzling cosmic score by Andrew Parr and a book by John Gardiner packed with lunar-tic lyrics and stellar one-liners!

The vocal score is available on sale separately.

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573080883
Publishing status: OS Archived


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