Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops


Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops

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Title: Drama Games for Classrooms and Workshops
Author: Swale, Jessica
Price: $23.99

A lively collection of one hundred drama games for the teacher/youth leader to play with kids ranging from six upwards. Using a distinctive slimline format, the book offers a new game on each page with instructions on How to Play, notes on the Aim of the Game and advice on age range and number of players. A drama teachers dream!

This book is the first in a projected series offering a wealth of drama games for people of all ages and abilities. Their aim is to ensure that the drama leader never runs out of fresh ideas.

Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Publication date: 11/02/2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781848420106
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN


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