La Cage aux Folles (libretto) (based on the play by Jean Poiret)


La Cage aux Folles (libretto) (based on the play by Jean Poiret)

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Title: La Cage aux Folles (libretto) (based on the play by Jean Poiret)
Author: Fierstein, Harvey
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As a long-running boulevard comedy, later as a highly original classic film, and more recently as one of the decade's biggest Broadway musicals and a major hit in the West End at the Palladium, La Cage Aux Folles has millions of fans. Jerry Herman's music and Harvey Fierstein's book add new dimensions to the story of the homosexual lovers whose twenty years of domestic tranquillity are shattered when a son, fathered during a one-night heterosexual fling, decides to marry the daughter of a bigoted politician.

'It's a family show ... a glittering, fast-stepping extravaganza ... ' New York Daily News

' ... glitz, showmanship, good cheer ... unflagging tunefulness ... ' New York Times

'Funny, glitzy, novel, saucy and with some decent human feelings in the ventricles of its sentimental heart ...' Daily Telegraph

'It catches at the heartstrings ...' Daily Mail

The Cast M10 F3, chorus of 10M, 2F extras

The Scenes Various interior and exterior settings

Orchestration (on hire)
Reeds 1-5, Trumpets 1+2, Horns 1+2, Trombone 1+2, Drums, Percussion 1+2, Violins A+B, Cello, Bass, Guitar/Banjo, Harp, Accordion/Electric Keyboard.

Piano/Conductor Score and Chorus books on hire

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573681639
Publishing status: OS Archived


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