Lee Strasberg Notes


Lee Strasberg Notes


Title: Lee Strasberg Notes
Author: Lola Cohen (Edited by)
Price: $50.99

The Lee Strasberg Notes reproduces the original teachings of a unique voice in actor training, for the very first time. It is a stunning document in the history and ongoing practice of Strasberg's Method. Compiled and edited by Lola Cohen, the book is based on unpublished transcripts of Strasberg's own classes on acting, directing and Shakespeare. It recreates his theoretical approach, as well as the practical exercises used by his students, and brilliantly conveys his approach and personality. The book features Strasberg's teachings on: / Training and exercises / Characters and scenes / Directing and the Method / Shakespeare and Stanislavski / The theater, acting and actors. Including a Preface by Anna Strasberg and a Foreword by Martin Sheen, this illuminating book brings the reader closer to Strasberg's own methods than any other, making it a phenomenal resource for students, actors, and directors.

Contents: Preface by Anna Strasberg Introduction bu Lola Cohen Part 1: Training and Exercises Part 2: Characters and Scenes Part 3: Scene Critiques Part 4: Directing and the Method Part 5: Lee Strasberg on Shakespeare and Stanislavski Part 6: Lee Strasberg On The Theater, Acting And Actors Note from Adam Lee Strasberg Note from David Strasberg

Author Biography: Lola Cohen has taught acting for over twenty years at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Acting Program. As an actor she made her film debut in Renaldo and Clara in 1975, directed by Bob Dylan. She was SUNY - Ulster Artist in Residence in 2009

Publication date: 19/01/2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415551861


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