Merely Players – Actors’ Accounts of Performing Shakespeare


Merely Players – Actors’ Accounts of Performing Shakespeare

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Title: Merely Players - Actors' Accounts of Performing Shakespeare
Author: Holmes, Jonathan
Price: $68.99

For nearly three centuries, actors have set down in print their reflections on the experience of performing Shakespeare's plays, resulting in a vast, heterogeneous and - remarkably - almost entirely unexamined body of material.

Merely Players brings together for the first time the diverse voices of actors writing about their experiences of playing Shakespeare, exploring the ways in which they discuss their embodiment with the performance and their own particular negotiations with the authority and tradition of the Shakespeare name. It is fascinating reading for scholars of Shakespeare, drama and theatre studies, practitioners and theatre-lovers alike.

Publication date: 19/02/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415319584
Publishing status: AU POD in BN


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