Nelson Drama for Secondary Students


Nelson Drama for Secondary Students


Title: Nelson Drama for Secondary Students
Author: Roy, David
Price: $56.95

This is a complete guide to acting for junior secondary students. The textbook takes students through the important skills of playbuilding, performing, and evaluation. It looks at the process for developing playbuilding from stimulus and introduces students to analysis techniques in approaching a script or improvised performance. It looks at various forms of acting skills and styles. The text also looks at the rehearsal process from various viewpoints - that of an actor, a director, or an individual required to implement a specific theatre art. This covers all the key theatre production skills, offering practical examples, including how to combine these production skills to a finished, final performance. The text also analyses the needs for evaluation of performance and the skills required to do so successfully.

Publisher: Cengage Learning Australia
Publication date: 24/02/2009
ISBN: 9780170178303


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