Red Cap


Red Cap

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Title: Red Cap
Author: Balodis, Janis
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Cast: 12M 3F + choir
Character Ages: 18+
Length: 1.5 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Adult
Style: Historical Drama / Musical
Themes: Mining, union disputes, strikes

Janis Balodis and composer Iain Grandage have created a multi-dimensional ensemble music theatre piece Australian Stage

The Mount Isa mining dispute of 1964 arose from a struggle for better wages and work conditions but escalated into a no-holds-barred battle. The miners, their wives and the whole city rose up and pitted themselves against their Company and union, the media and the Government, who were all determined to break their will to fight. A leader emerged. His name was Pat Mackie (with his distinctive red cap) who, in his own words, was \"an old wobblie-minded worker with a shit-stirring touch\". A tale of community triumph over rampant authoritarianism, Red Cap is an exciting and original music-theatre experience that captures the Aussie battler's fight for dignity, self-determination, and the quintessential right to a 'fair go'.

The world premier of Red Cap was held in conjunction with La Boite, Mt Isa City Council and Queensland Music Festival in 2007.

Janis Balodis was born in Australia of Latvian parents who settled in North Queensland after the Second World War. His other plays include Wet and Dry, Perfect Skin, his adaptation of Nick Earl's novel, as well as The Ghosts Trilogy which premiered at the Melbourne Theatre Company. Balodis has also written for television and radio.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978090615676
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