Sunset Strip


Sunset Strip

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Title: Sunset Strip
Author: Miller, Suzie
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There is no value in life except
what you choose to place upon it
and no happiness in any place
except what you bring to it yourself.

Henry David Thoreau

At Sunset Strip the only people left are those who couldnt leave. Arriving home after a bout of chemotherapy to this once-thriving summer hot spot, Caroline finds the lake completely dried up, the holiday-makers long gone.

Yet her younger sister, the ever-optimistic Phoebe, remains doggedly hopeful. Between a stint in rehab, caring for her demented dad (who has a penchant for training goldfish) and losing her kids temporarily to DOCS, Phoebe has managed to find love in Teddy, a local fallen fella with a big heart. And now that Caroline is back, Phoebe is determined to make life fabulous.

In Sunset Strip, Suzie Miller ( Caress/Ache) examines love, family dysfunction and making the best of shitty situations and prosthetic breasts. Sunset Strip finds the humour in tragedy and creates an unlikely path for humanity to triumph.

Miller writes with verve and delicacy
TimeOut London

Cast : 2F, 2M

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/06/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760621322
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