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Title: Switzerland
Author: Murray-Smith, Joanna
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Love is what interests me. Its just that love is indivisible from murder.

Its 1995 in the Swiss Alps and the ailing reclusive crime writer Patricia Highsmith is visited by a genial young man from her New York publisher, sent to convince her to write the final instalment of her best-selling Mr Ripley series. What first appears to be a standard cat-and-mouse game of wit and wiles, soon becomes a dance to the death. Who is the cat and who is the mouse? And who will make it out of Switzerland alive?

A chilling and sometimes hilarious two-hander, with Murray-Smiths signature lucid-lettered prose.

A gripping psychological thriller. Creeps up on you and then has you on the edge of your seat. Sunday Telegraph

Joanna Murray-Smith demonstrates a Stoppardian gift for pithily combining intelligence, wit and pathos. Independent

The quality of [Murray-Smiths] work transcends national boundaries in its acute exploration of the psychological states that determine social outcomes. Age

Cast : 1F, 1M

JOANNA MURRAY-SMITH is a Melbourne based playwright, screenwriter and novelist. Her plays, which include Honour, Rapture, Bombshells, Nightfall, Redemption, Love Child and Flame, have been produced around the world. Honour has been produced in over two dozen countries, including productions on Broadway and at the National Theatre in London and most recently in the West End. Both Honour and Rapture won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Best Play. Most recently, Melbourne Theatre Company produced The Female of the Species. Joanna has also published three novels Truce, Judgement Rock and Sunnyside.

Somewhere in the Swiss alps, a grande dame of best-selling crime literature lives with an impressive collection of books, and a somewhat sinister collection of guns and knives. She finds solace in her seclusion, her cats and cigarettes. But when a mysterious international visitor barges in to her home unannounced, will her love of fictional murders become a dangerous reality?

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/04/2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925005561
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