Birthrights + Soulmates


Birthrights + Soulmates

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Title: Birthrights + Soulmates
Author: Williamson, David
Price: $29.99

'Birthrights' tells the story of two sisters who compete for their child's love. At 29 years of age, Helen has a vital operation that stops her from having what she desperately wants, a child. Her younger sister Claudia gives her a wonderful gift and bears a child for her. However years later when Claudia finds out that she and her husband Martin can't conceive she realises that the only baby she will ever bear is Kelly, the child she had for her sister. (2 male, 4 female).

In 'Soulmates' David turns the tables on his own kind and applies his merciless humour to the literary world in a play about the slippery business of books, authors, their work, and the readers who love them. When Katie Best, ex-pat Australian and Chick Lit Queen, receives an acerbic review from Danny, a Melbourne critic, she vows to take her revenge. (4 male, 3 female).

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/06/2003
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868196985
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