Good Cook. Friendly. Clean


Good Cook. Friendly. Clean

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Title: Good Cook. Friendly. Clean
Author: Robinson, Brooke
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Where do you go when you dont have a home?

Coming home one night, Sandra learns she has two weeks to move out. Its nothing personal, her housemates just have a friend who needs somewhere to stay. No choice but to pack up and find another sharehouse. But Sandra is in her 50s and affordable places are hard to find in the ruthless Sydney rental market.

In one interview after another, she contorts herself into the shape of what she thinks people want in a housemate. But with each rejection she becomes increasingly desperate, losing control of her life in frighteningly simple ways.

Cast : 2F, 1M

Playwright Robinson has identified something so ugly but so accurate, about modern Australia, and the reflection she offers up through the mirror of her play, is so hideous, it is almost unbearable to watch. We do of course, find ourselves mesmerised by the car crash scenario, a human catastrophe unfolding before our eyes, powerfully directed by Marion Potts who never once lets us off the hook. Suzy Goes See

Publication date: 01/06/2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760622077
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