Impending Everyone


Impending Everyone


Title: Impending Everyone
Author: Collins, Michael Andrew
Price: $25.95

Impending Everyone
by Michael Andrew Collins

Cast: 9+ cast members

Inaugural Winner of the 2016 ATYP Foundation Commission (14 - 17 year olds)

\"This cannot be stopped; your history is impending. Everyone will know tomorrow, by the end of lunch, who you really are...\"

Someone at Elias high school has gained access to all the students browser histories, messages and metadata. They plan to release them. What do they want? Nothing more than everybody at the high school finding out who they, and everyone around them, really is. But the students cant let this happen. They have secrets that cant come out, and less than one day to stop their impending release.

Set within a New South Wales high school, Impending Everyone explores what happens when we have to own up to the things we have said, when anonymity is stripped away and our desires are laid bare.

Publication date: 01/05/2018
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338584
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock


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