Mayne Inheritance


Mayne Inheritance

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Title: Mayne Inheritance
Author: O'Neill, Errol
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A gothic tale of murder, mystery and intrigue!

Cast: 4M 2F (can have a cast of up to 31)
Character Ages: 18+
Length: 2.5 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Senior Years / Adult
Style: Historical Drama / Gothic Drama
Themes: History, murder, colonial society

You know the true story. You can feel it in your
blood. His crimes.

A grisly murder, inherited madness, and a family in ruins

Patrick Mayne was a poor Irishman who emigrated to Australia in the first half of the nineteenth century. Settling in Brisbane, he built his fortune as a butcher, landowner, and town councillor, and left an extraordinary legacy: a deathbed confession of murder that had a profound impact on the lives of his wife, his children and the colonial society he helped to build.

Inspired by the book The Mayne Inheritance by Rosamond Siemon, Errol ONeill has crafted a taught psychological thriller that reverberates through several generations of the Mayne family and the society they generously supported.

The Mayne Inheritance was first produced at La Boite Theatre Company in 2004.

Errol ONeill has worked since the early 1970s as an actor, writer, director, dramaturg and producer, specialising in the creation of new work for the theatre. He has performed for La Boite, QTC, and many other Queensland companies, and has appeared interstate for Melbourne Theatre Company, State Theatre Company of SA, Riverina Theatre Company and WAs Black Swan. He has written many plays on aspects of Queensland and Australian history, which have been produced by La Boite, QTC, and other theatres in Brisbane and interstate.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/03/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338751
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock


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