Playing Boal – Theatre, Therapy, Activism


Playing Boal – Theatre, Therapy, Activism

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Title: Playing Boal - Theatre, Therapy, Activism
Author: Schutzman, Mady
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\"Playing Boal\" examines the techniques in application of Augusto Boal, creator of Theatre of the Oppressed, Brazilian theatre maker and political activist. This text looks at the use of the Theatre of the Oppressed exercises by a variety of practitioners and scholars working in Europe, North America and Canada. It explores the possibilities of these tools for \"active learning and personal empowerment; co-operative education and healing; participatory theatre and community action.\" This collection is designed to illuminate and invigorate discussion about Augusto Boal's work and the transformative potential of theatre. It includes two interviews with Boal, and two pieces of his own writing.

Review: \"This marvelous collection of material, assembled and arranged by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Mady Schutzman, truly goes from the entry level--sort of Basic Boal--to extremely interesting practical applications that are very useful. It also addresses with great vigour the broader political and social questions raised by Boal's work. This collection is urgently welcome.\" Douglas L. Paterson, Chair of the Department of Dramatic Arts, University of Nebraska at Omaha

\"This book is a necessary and timely addition to the study of the range of theatre techniques known as \"Theatre of the Oppressed\" and its founder, the Brazilian theatre director and political activist, Augusto Boal. It tries to accommodate both those completely new to \"Theatre of the Oppressed\" as well as those engaged in a more detailed professional and/or academic involvement with the work.\" Theatre Research International

\"This book is a must for anyone concerned about performance in conjunction with politics, activism, therapy, and/or community work--or for anyone interested in the application of theory to performance practice.\" Theatre Insight

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 02/12/1993
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415086080
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