Up the Ladder


Up the Ladder

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Title: Up the Ladder
Author: Bennett, Roger
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Cast: 7M 2F
Character Ages: 1750
Length: 1hr approximately
Target Audience: Senior Years / Adult
Style: Vaudeville / Historical Drama
Themes: Boxing, Aboriginal culture, sideshow culture, history

Unashamedly feelgood Realtime Arts

The blood and sweat, smell of sawdust, and the monetary fame of the Australian post-war boxing tents. In the 1940s, the rough and tumble rights of the side-show boxing ring became the only way for a young Aboriginal man to make a quid, foster a dream and find a way out and up the ladder. Using bold theatrical style, Up the Ladder evokes a carnival atmosphere and the humour and energy of the old sideshow world.

Up The Ladder was first produced by Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute as a community project. It premiered at the 1990 Adelaide Fringe Festival, winning the Best of the Fringe Award. In 1995 the production was professionally produced by the Melbourne Workers Theatre at the Napier Street Theatre to critical acclaim and packed houses.

Roger Bennetts (1948-1997) plays include Funerals and Circuses, Up the Ladder and Yowie. An indigenous playwright, Bennett managed to deal evenhandedly with the uglier sides of both black and white characters.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780908156559
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