Behind the Cane (A5 reproduction)


Behind the Cane (A5 reproduction)

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Title: Behind the Cane (A5 reproduction)
Author: Forde, Margery
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BOOK BINDING: This is an A5, laser printed, bound with cloth tape reproduction of the DIGITAL PUBLICATION (also available).

In the late 1800s Australian ships arrived in the South Sea Islands. They took children off the beaches, thousands of men and women from the islands, and brought them back to work in North Queensland to cut sugar cane. Then in 1901, under the White Australia Policy, most were sent back to the islands but not necessarily back to the islands they came from.

Through music, song, and adapted oral history, Behind the Cane tells the stories of the 'blackbirded'. The story of the South Sea Islanders, those who left and those who stayed.

Developed from true stories of the Bowen community, Behind the Cane is an honest, powerful, and uplifting exploration of an important part of Australian history.

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PRODUCTION HISTORY: Behind the Cane was first performed at the Bowen Soundshell, Bowen on July 28, 2011 as part of Queensland Music Festival. The original production featured a cast of more than 100 actors, singers, dancers, and musicians from the Bowen community.

\"Fresh Light on Dark Days of Sugar\" Gillian Wells, The Australian, August 1, 2011.

THEMES: Blackbirding, White Australia Policy, Australian South-Sea Islander history and culture


CAST SIZE: 9 + Cast Members
LENGTH: 2 Hours

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Format: A5 reproduction
ISBN: 9781921390449
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock


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