Boyce Trilogy [Woman with Dog’s Eyes + Marvellous Boy + Emperor of Sydney]


Boyce Trilogy [Woman with Dog’s Eyes + Marvellous Boy + Emperor of Sydney]

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Title: Boyce Trilogy [Woman with Dog's Eyes + Marvellous Boy + Emperor of Sydney]
Author: Nowra, Louis
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After an extensive period of writing for film, Louis Nowra returns to the stage with \"The Boyce Trilogy\", an epic saga about the Boyce family, a family made wealthy through property development. The trilogy starts with The Woman with Dog's Eyes which introduces us to the Boyce family as they gather to celebrate the parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Inspired by events that traumatised Sydney's Moran family, the play explores the universal themes of family, love and disappointment.The second part of the trilogy , \"The Marvellous Boy\", unwraps the story of this notorious Sydney family. Malcolm Boyce is dying at a time when his biggest building project - and so his whole empire - is threatened by protesters. He hires an important criminal, the charismatic Ray Pollard, to threaten his enemies. Malcolm gets his son, Luke, to liaise with Ray. Luke not only falls under Ray's spell but also finds himself involved with his father's mistress. The results are tragic. This story follows Luke from detachment into an emotional involvement that will be liberating and then shattering as the consequences of his and his father's moral duplicity emerge.In the final instalment of the trilogy, \"The Emperor of Sydney\" , the three sons fight for control of the company as their father lays dying in the master bedroom above the huge Beauchamp mansion living room. The company is near bankruptcy because of a huge stalled project (their father's personal vision) and they are facing a criminal investigation into the father's role in the suspicious death of the project's outspoken critic.

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/04/2007
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868197982
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping


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