Skin of Our Teeth


Skin of Our Teeth

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Title: Skin of Our Teeth
Author: Wilder, Thornton
Price: $24.95

Play - Full Length.

M5 (young, middle age) F5 (young, middle age). Small parts and extras. A living-room, one exterior.

Down through the ages the Antrobus family have survived. They are indestructible. Antrobus invented the alphabet, the multiplication table, the lever and the wheel, and Mrs Antrobus invented the apron. Their beginnings are to be found in the Garden of Eden, although they speak in the accents of New Jersey. They are humanity, and whatever happens, they survive all catastrophes - by the skin of their teeth.

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573615481
Publishing status: AU In Distributor In BN


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