Barbara and the Camp Dogs


Barbara and the Camp Dogs

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Title: Barbara and the Camp Dogs
Author: Yovich, Ursula
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    I want to be extreme
    Unreasonably rude
    I like to spit and scream
    Inappropriately crude
    I drink St Agnes Brandy
    In a paper cup with ice
    And when Im feeling randy
    Dont expect me to be nice
    High maintenance me
    Real piece of work you see
    A troublesome stunt
    instincts of a .

Wild, unpredictable, and deeply vulnerable, Barbara and her sister Ren are singing for their lives. Barbaras been trying to make it in Sydney, but when their mothers health deteriorates, the sisters embark on a pilgrimage back home to country. Full of painful, unfinished business for Barbara, their return sends her into a downward spiral. Can Barbara find a way to resolve the past in time to preserve love in the only family she has known?

Through music that ranges from punk-inspired explosions of rage, to tender rock and soul ballads full of yearning, Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a gob-spit of fun, frenzy and family that finds beauty in honesty and hope in confronting the past.

Cast : 2F, 2M, 3 musicians

URSULA YOVICH grew up in the Northern Territory, in Darwin and Maningrida. She has appeared at venues including the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House. For Belvoir, Ursula has appeared in A Christmas Carol, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, The Sapphires, The Dreamers and The Small Poppies, and she also won the Balnaves Foundation Indigenous Playwrights Award in 2016. Other theatre credits include Diving for Pearls (Griffin); Heart is a Wasteland (Malthouse); Love and Information (Malthouse/Sydney Theatre Company); The Secret River, The Golden Age, Bloodland (Sydney Theatre Company); Mother Courage and Her Children (Queensland Theatre Company); Barefoot Divas (Sydney Festival); Waltzing the Wilarra (Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company); the national tour of the one-woman show The Magic Hour (Performing Lines); and Ursulas cabaret show Magpie Blues, which had its world premiere in Adelaide and toured major venues across Australia. Ursula has been nominated for Helpmann Awards for her performances in Mother Courage and Her Children and Magpie Blues. Ursula featured in Baz Luhrmanns Australia and Ray Lawrences Jindabyne on the big screen, and her television credits include The Code, Devils Dust, Redfern Now, Rake, The Gods of Wheat Street, Murundak: Songs of Freedom, $9.99, Arcadia, My Bed Your Bed, Blacktrax, Message Stick, Blue Heelers and Songlines.

ALANA VALENTINEs previous works for Belvoir are Parramatta Girls (2007) and Run Rabbit Run (2004). She worked with Ursula Yovich and producer Vicki Gordon as writer/director of Barefoot Divas, playing Sydney Festival and NZ International Arts Festival (2012), Queensland Music Festival (2013), North America and Canada Tour (2014), and Hong Kong Arts Festival (2015). Ladies Day, presented at Griffin in 2016, was nominated for the Nick Enright Prize for Drama in the NSW Premiers Literary Awards. She received two 2017 Errol Awards, the Tasmanian Theatre Awards, for The Tree Widows and was nominated for Best Director for that work. In 2017 Alana worked with Bangarra Dance Theatre as dramaturg on Bennelong after previously working with Stephen Page on Patyegarang and ID. In November 2017 Venus Theatre Company in the USA premiered The Ravens, a stage version of the radio play which won the BBC International Radio Award (2014). In 2018 Belvoir will present The Sugar House, Sport For Jove will present Ear to the Edge of Time at Seymour, and Merrigong Theatre Company will tour Letters to Lindy nationally. The National Library of Australia will publish Dear Lindy and Currency Press will publish Bowerbird: The art of making theatre drawn from life. A jazz song cycle Flight Memory, written with composer Sandra France, will be presented at The Street Theatre in Canberra late in 2018. Alana is currently the co-recipient of a writing fellowship at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.

Meet Barbara and her band the Camp Dogs. Barbara's been trying to make it in Sydney but maybe this just isn't her town. In all the relentless demands of city life, where's the sense of belonging she craves? It's time to take a break with her cousin Rene. With Ursula Yovich as Barbara and Casey Donovan as her redoubtable cousin, Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a rock-gig musical about love and home. As Belvoir's Artistic Director Eamon Flack has said, `Urs doesn't just have an incredible voice, she's taken the idea of black rage and sung it out - and it's so bold, so theatrical, so joyful. It's Rock `n' Roll, it's politics and it's very moving.'

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/12/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760620448
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