Certain Fragments: Texts and Writings on Performance


Certain Fragments: Texts and Writings on Performance

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Title: Certain Fragments: Texts and Writings on Performance
Author: Etchells, Tim
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What is the relationship between performance and play? Between performance and technology? Between performance and death? Certain Fragments is an extraordinary exploration of what lies at the heart of contemporary theatre. Written by the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, acknowledged to be Britains most brilliant experimental theatre company (Guardian), Certain Fragments investigates the processes of devising performance, the role of writing in an interdisciplinary theatre, and the influence of the city on contemporary art practice. Tim Etchells unique and provocative voice shifts from intimate anecdote to critical analysis and back again. And as in his theatre-making so in his book: with Certain Fragments Etchells disrupts traditional notions of creative, academic, and intellectual work. The book is an exciting and radical fusion of story-telling and criticism. It also makes available, for the first time, four seminal Forced Entertainment texts by Etchells.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 08/04/1999
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415173834
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand

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