Worry Warts and Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine (by Morris Gleitzman)


Worry Warts and Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine (by Morris Gleitzman)

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Title: Worry Warts and Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine (by Morris Gleitzman)
Author: Di Cesare, Eva + Evans, Daniel
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By Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge, and Tim McGarry

Cast: 3M 2F (can have a cast of up to 18)
Character Ages: 10 - 50
Length: 1.5 hrs approximately
Target Audience: Primary Years / Middle Years
Style: Dramatic Comedy
Themes: Divorce, family, financial problems

Monkey Baa developed one of my books into a cracker of a play, and as I travel around the county more than two years later, Im still meeting kids in far flung areas for whom it was the theatrical experience of their lives Morris Gleitzman.

11-year-old Keith Shipley will do anything to cheer up his misery guts parents. Their family fish and chip shop is in financial trouble, his parents do nothing but argue, and theres even talk of divorce. But Keith knows he can make them happy again.
But when painting the family car fluorescent colours does nothing to lift their sprits, Keith is out of ideas. That is until he discovers the value of the precious stone, opal. Thinking he can make it rich and solve all his familys problems, Keith sets off on a solo adventure across Australia to the opal mines. This heart-warming story based on Morris Gleitzmans hugely popular novel, follows Keith as he tackles his problems head on, finding that sometimes happiness can be found where you least expect it.

Worry Warts was adapted by Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People and first performed at The Matt Dann Cultural Centre, Portland Head, 2003. It toured to 30 theatres around Australia playing to over 20,000 young people in its first season.

Monkey Baa was established in 1997 by three actors, Tim McGarry, Sandra Eldridge and Eva Di Cesare. Based in Sydney, the company has achieved critical acclaim for its work and today enjoys a national reputation for producing quality theatre programs for young people, their families and theatregoers. Each year Monkey Baa tours its work throughout Australia taking theatre to rural and regional centres, as well as capital cities.

By Daniel Evans

Cast: 2M 9F plus chorus
Character Ages: 940
Length: 1 hr approximately
Target Audience: Primary Years / Middle Years
Style: Black Comedy
Themes: Bullying, status, image

Ivy was a small and sickly girl her face was quite a fright, For you see she had no eyes (not one!) and therefore: no sight

The small town of Apronwood appears normal enough, if a little tired and rundown. But the people of Apronwood harbour a dark secret that they will do anything to keep even if it means murder
In this delightfully Roald Dahlesque tale, Daniel Evans warns us what happens when a community neglects its children and how the past comes back to haunt us.

First performed at Metro Arts 2007, produced by Backbone Youth Arts.

Daniel Evans is a writer, listener, libertine and pop aficionado. Partial to the fantastical and absurd, Daniel wrote his first play, Opening A Fuzzwollops Frame Of Mind, at age sixteen. The work went on to win the 2000 Queensland Theatre Companys Young Playwrights Award and, in 2002, was published by Currency Press. His subsequent works for the stage include Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine, Holy Guacamole, The Reunion, Holidayz, Dirty Moles, Smother and an adaptation of Angela Carters The Lady Of The House Of Love.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/02/2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781921390043
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